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A costly approach to control pig infection with Salmonella Typhimurium

The use of acids to control Salmonella Typhimurium is widespread. This treatment may even prevent the shedding of Salmonella. But acids as Salmonella treatment cannot prevent infection and organ colonization with Salmonella.

In addition, pig infection with Salmonella can occur at any time: while still a suckling piglet, during nursery, in the fattening unit, and even during transportation to the slaughterhouse or when in the lairage. Acids do not protect against infection in these situations.

Once a pig is infected with Salmonella and it is harbored in its lymph nodes, shedding can reactivate very quickly. The risk of infection with Salmonella Typhimurium is especially high when the pig is under stress, such as during the transition period, and when the concentration of acids in the feed or drinking water is low – a common circumstance as farmers tend to use less acid because of its high costs. The consequence: Salmonella shedding increases and initial problems return.

The effect of acid usage for the treatment of Salmonella is solely shown when applied.


Long-term Prevention

A cost-efficient approach to control pig infection
with Salmonella

Only vaccination with an attenuated live vaccine significantly reduces the lymph nodes of a pig from being colonized with Salmonella. Therefore, vaccination is reliable, sustainable and more cost efficient. Salmonella vaccination reduces:

  • pathogen excretion
  • organ colonization with Salmonella
  • clinical symptoms
  • presumably costs
With vaccination you go for the more sustainable way! Once and for all.

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Acid Costs for Salmonella Treatment

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A Simple Calculation:
Yearly Salmonella Vaccination Costs Versus Acid Costs


Calculate* your possible Salmonella vaccination costs in comparison to the costs of an effective treatment with acids (either 98% benzoic acid or 80% mix of formic / lactic / sorbic acid) during nursery and fattening. Simply insert the numbers of your farm in the table below and your savings will be automatically calculated (preset comparison: benzoic acid).

Annual savings 0.00

Salmonella vaccination costs: 0.00

1 dose per sow³ x 0.00
Doses per piglet³ x 0.00
Weaned piglets
Total weaned piglets 10500

Acid treatment costs: 0.00

kg 2199.75
Piglets in nursery
0.25 - 0.5% acid (depending on type) per 100 kg nursery feed²
Feed amount / nursery pig¹
Cost for acid treatment in nursery per year (6 groups)
kg 28350.00
Pigs in fattening unit
0.5 - 1,0% acid (depending on type)per 100 kg feed for fatteners
Feed amount / fattening pig¹
Cost for acid treatment in the fattening unit per year (3 groups)

1 Given: a nursery pig eats approx. 41.9 kg feed and there are 6 AIAO groups; a fattening pig eats approx. 270 kg feed and there are 3 AIAO groups

2 Piglet feed usually already contains 0.2 – 0.3% acid on delivery

3 Salmonella vaccination costs for sows are tripled; for piglets are doubled (change for piglets in calculator if necessary)

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Ask your veterinarian about Salmonella vaccination and find the most efficient strategy for your farm.

Did you know that Salmonella is a so-called ”zoonotic” infection?